Spiderbait 's garrulous drummer, Kram, remembers well what he was like at the age of 15: "I was very pimply and a complete jock with a huge mullet," he admits without pause.

Thankfully, having arrived at the same age, Spiderbait was itself in somewhat better shape. The rockin' trio enjoyed the first number one Australian single of an already illustrious career with their high-octane cover of Huddie Ledbetter's "Black Betty". The album it announced, Tonight Alright, went on to earn platinum sales status, pushing the group's collective sales of their six albums and numerous singles over the 1 million mark.

The extensive touring that Spiderbait has done reminded anyone who has seen a show that whether controlling the main stage at the Big Day Out or Splendour In The Grass or creating chaos in a packed club, Spiderbait remains a mighty live proposition: Kram flailing at his drums, Janet resolutely slamming her bass and Whitt coaxing out waves of noise from his guitar.

It is, in short, a plethora of riches. With three talented songwriters, Spiderbait have never been confined by genre or the expectations of others.

In this era of truncated careers, it is no small achievement for a band to not only survive 21 years together, but to come out of it still enjoying the experience of writing and playing together.

The seeds of that bond were planted in the small southern NSW town of Finley, where all three members of Spiderbait grew up. The band formed in Melbourne in 1990 after all three members had relocated there, and they soon graduated from raucous house parties to the city's stages.

Influential but now defunct independent label Au-go-go issued "Circle K" in 1991 and Spiderbait 's debut long player, ShaShaVaGlava , in 1993. Following the cataclysmically catchy "Jesus" single, Spiderbait began their partnership with Universal Music in 1995 with The Unfinished Spanish Galleon of Finley Lake, which brought them to national prominence and earnt them a gold album.

In 1996 they enjoyed further success when their authoritative third album, Ivy And The Big Apples, sold over 180,000 copies and earnt the band several ARIA Awards. After extensive touring locally and overseas, Spiderbait recorded their most complex studio creation, 1999's Grand Slam, which was followed by 2001's The Flight Of Wally Funk.  2004 Saw them hit number 1 with Black Betty and the platinum album Tonight Alright.

2013 sees Spiderbait 's new album scheduled for release in November.  Recorded by Grammy winner Francois Tetaz in Melbourne, Byron Bay and LA... it sees the band in blistering form.  First single Straight Through The Sun will be hitting the airwaves on Friday 6th September.

"We have been around quite a while," marvels Kram. "It's crazy, it really is. We're a lot more easy going these days, just happy to be in a band together, but at the same time, we're playing better than ever."

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